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Who is Kendall & Blue Boutique??

Miranda Hoyt

Posted on October 03 2019

Kendall and Blue was the brain child of business owner Jamie and her mother Donna. What started out as an interest to have a small online clothing boutique, blossomed into this wonderfully successful chain of stores with no end in sight for growth. Having two brick and mortar locations in addition to having an online website helps us to maintain relevance for people who like to stay up to date with the latest trends, but still like to physically try on clothing to make sure they look and fit in just the right ways. Miranda (co-owner) was brought on originally as a model, but saw a huge opportunity for expansion. She valued the companies policy of striving to bring comfortable yet cute options of clothing for women and felt that many women and moms could relate. Her energy and vision helped push what can only be described as a snowball rolling down a hill collecting more and more snow as it tumbles down, gaining both momentum and size. Sometimes it can be hard for these mommas to keep up with all the exciting events, fashion shows, and new product launches, but their customers are extremely understanding and love watching and being a part of the journey. They have made many new and wonderful friends along the way and could not be happier with where everything is headed!

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