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Be Still Earrings

Be Still Earrings

$25.00 $32.00


We know how it feels for your mind to be anxious and your heart to feel restless.

We know that for many of us, things feel heavy, challenging, and scary during his time.

Normalcy feels distant and many of us feel left without answers.

It’s all too easy in the thick of it to try to carry a burden we were never intended to and to scramble to fight the battle on our own...a battle that has already been won.

The God who continues to fight on our behalf reminds us in His word that sometimes, we just need to be still and let Him do what He does.

Our victory is in Jesus, no matter what the world tries to tell us. He is the answer.

We chose a love knot earring to represent God weaving through all the different parts of our lives, creating something beautiful. 14kt Gold Filled dainty bar stud 

Brand: Dear Heart

Made in the USA

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